Für instrumentale Musik war das so langsam auslaufende Jahr mal wieder ein Gutes. Natürlich sind es sehr viele Bands und es kommen noch mehr dazu. Grund genug, sich eine der unbekannteren Bands mal zur Brust zu nehmen, um sie euch ans Herz zu legen, denn Cecilia::Eyes aus Belgien sind es nicht Wert, in der Postrockmasse unterzugehen.


Cecilia::Eyes haben sich 2004 erstmals zusammengefunden und bereits 2005 ihre erste EP “Echoes From The Attic” veröffentlicht. 2007 folgte das erste Album “Mountain Tops Are Sometimes Closer To The Moon” und dieses Jahr der Nachfolger “Here Dead We Lie”. Alle drei Platten sind über das Brüsseler Label Depot214 erschienen und auch dort erhältlich.

“Here Dead We Lie” vereint alle Stärken der ersten beiden Veröffentlichungen zu einem homogenen langsam gespielten Album, das mit kleinen Noiseausbrüchen und Vocaleinlagen zu überraschen weiß. Wir haben die beiden Gitarristen Christophe und Gauthier und den Bassmann Pascal zum aktuellen Album und zum zurückliegenden und kommenden Jahr befragt:

This year is quiet over. Your album “Here dead we lie” is out since april and you were on the road to promote it. Tell us a little bit about your experience as instrumental band in 2010.
It was a really exciting year. We discovered many bands on the road, we made our first major trip abroad “as a band” and we received very positive reviews about our second album “Here Dead We Lie”.
But I think what is mostly very encouraging is to realize that we are becoming known to the four corners of the globe with an unconventional and rather dark album.

“Here dead we lie” has a very unique aura and pace. What about the writing process? Did you collect different ideas, or did you just improvise together in the studio?
We did found interesting to have a global theme (the war and all its consequences), it makes everything (the songs, the packaging, the artwork…) more consistent, and gives the entire work a more powerful impact. We decided from the start of the composition work to have this theme in mind and it was like background atmosphere that led the feelings we wanted to express through our tracks, a kind of rainy, dark, and helpless mood…

here dead we lie artwork

Is there any difference in your songwriting since your first EP back in 2005?
Things are more or less the same but i think we are now more conscious of the way we want to give to our music, and, of course, the arrival of Gauthier brings us a lot of new possibilities. For the tracks you can find on our first EP “Echoes from the attic”, it was the beginning of a new story for us. We have begun to play instrumental music because we don’t have any singer. But the result of our work satisfied us a lot and we decided to pursue in this way. “Mountaintops” is our true first album. It’s a real workteam. For “Here Dead we Lie”, our wish was to make something darker and this album is the first one composed at five. Each album is an important step in our history.

How did you come up with the idea using samples between your songs?
I have always used my computer in my past musical project, it offers tons of possibilities. The fact that I came as the fifth member of the band brings me the possibility to try some things with cecilia::eyes, and everybody did like the results, it often creates interesting dark or sad atmosphere wich is really well fitting our music…

If you had to describe your music as a painting, what would it look like?
It would be a surrealist painting midway between Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch (The Garden of Delights), with a touch of HR Giger, for the dark, sad and cold side of our work.

The postrock scene in Belgium is quiet unknown in Germany. Are there many people listening to music like yours? Any bands you like to recommend?
The postrock scene in Belgium is quite unknown… in Belgium too! But despite that, it’s a real scene with a lot of people that love this kind of music. People in the North part of belgium (Dutch speaking) are more open-minded and some events are really interesting like dunk!festival in Zottegem.

Gauthier: The pop rock scene in Belgium is huge, there are lots of bands and some are well known (dEUs, Ghinzu, Arid, Girls in Hawaï, Sharko, K’s Choice…) Regarding the post rock scene it is even more difficult to cross the frontiers and we try to do that with the second album…


Any plans for 2011? Maybe a tour through Germany?
It will be a real pleasure to play in Germany but it’s also difficult because music is not our work, only a passion! We are all working during the week and have family and so, have to manage correctly our travel.

Gauthier: Do not hesitate to contact us for a gig, we always try to answer and to be the most available as possible, even if, as Pascal said, it is not easy for a non professional band like us.

Christophe: We are currently working on the compositions of the next album (planned for 2012). We’ll play in Brussels on 15.01.2011 for the second time with iLiKETRAiNS (UK) and we’ll be at DUNK!FESTIVAL on 24.04.2011 (Belgium) with EF, Caspian, Her Name is Calla, …

We would be delighted to come to Germany!

Thanks for all & have a tremendous holiday!!!

Thank you, too.

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